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At Holtzinger Fruit Company, we work for the Independent Grower.



Holtzinger doesn’t own orchards

Many warehouses grow fruit in their own orchards and pack fruit for Independent Growers. When the market is up, the Grower has to share line time with the warehouse fruit.


Guaranteed Line Time

Holtzinger works with the Grower to determine the best time to pack & sell their fruit.


Growing & Harvest Advances

In challenging years, Growers are sometimes short of money to pay for chemicals and labor to bring their apples to market.


Money when the Grower needs it

Holtzinger can offer advances on next year’s crop to assist Growers in doing their best to bring a premium crop to market.


Choice of Individual Grower Account or Pooling

Many warehouses will put Growers in a pool. Holtzinger offers individual grower account sales.


Holtzinger Growers don’t wait

Individual account may allow grower to close before a pool does but the pooling option allows a reduced return risk over a volitile sales season.


Hauling Credits

If you are many miles away from our warehouse, hauling credits may be available to offset the cost of getting your fruit to the warehouse.


No Extra Freight to get your fruit to Holtzinger

Based on location and volume,Holtzinger may be able to assist you with hauling credits.


Premium Quality Control Services

At your request Holtzinger will place a Quality Control Specialist in your field during harvest at no extra cost to you.


Higher Packouts

Our Quality Control Specialists will give you real-time updates on the fruit quality you are sending to the warehouse. This will help you eliminate culls in the bin and increase your pack-out.